Jue Yang: An Introduction

I like words and space. I guess you can call me one of the following based on your preferred framework: trans-media writer, writer for performance, playwright.

Currently intrigued by: pause, the death of the artist, structure of the body, non-capitalist systems, and the vastness of quantum fabric.

lemony.space@gmail.com || tinyletter


I have submitted scripts and applied to events and residencies as a playwright. It has been an identity in which I find freedom. (I do think, however, that the majority of the business mechanisms -- thus the expectations and products they generate -- are outdated. Working on it by learning, questioning, and innovating.)

  • The Last One Here
    Living Room Theater | New Plays Incubator, 2016/11
  • Slices
    The Secret Theatre | LIC One Act Festival, 2016/11
  • Filter
    Manhattan Repertory Theater | The August Event, 2016/8
  • Traveling Piece: a Play Installation
    HATCH Series No.4 | Invented Traditions, 2016/8
  • Remains
    The Dirty Blondes | Play-in-a-Day Festival, 2016/7
  • Things You Cannot Have
    Manhattan Repertory Theater | 10-minute Play Contest Semi-Finalist, 2016/7
    HB Studio | First Floor Residency, 2016/4
    Dark Matter Productions | Hearts on the Wall, 2016/8

Identities in Transition

I have three portfolios summarizing my education and experiences as a working being. This includes being a cartographer, an aspiring architect, and a technologist (keywords: data, design, develop). Each one was created when I looked for the next job. As a writer, I have been re-evaluating such notion of a "working being". What kind of way of life is that? Before I had words to confidently answer that, I wrote a play for myself to figure it out.

Inklings of a Practice

I created some independent projects over the years because I felt the urge to have a practice, even though I could not give it a name then. I also wrote things when I did not know better, which I believe is ever ongoing.