Jue Yang: An Introduction

I chased light in the frosty air recently. Read The Fabric of The Cosmos. Sketched stones, watched an earthworm swim and salvaged a tale from the desert. Dreamed of a friend who turned into a legless bird.

She, too, was making a movie.

I am an artist and writer. (CV x portfolio) For the patient reader, below is a loose chronicle of the trajectory of my practice.

The Present

Having considered text as my main medium, I am now enrolled in a Master's progam in Lens-based Media at the Piet Zwart Institute.

I live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


I continue to explore different spaces in my practice through traveling and artist residencies.

  • Winter Sun Residency @ JOYA: arte + ecología. Vélez-Blanco, Spain. 2018/12.
  • Self-directed Residency @ Mothership NYC. Brooklyn. 2018/3.
  • Enter Text @ Arteles Creative Center. Haukijärvi, Finland. 2017/11. link
  • Arctic @ La Wayaka Current. Sørøya, Finnmark, Norway. 2017/8. link
  • The Lab Program @ Pandeo. Mexico City, Mexico. 2017/5. link


For a period of time I found freedom in the simple form of writing, and sometimes making, plays.

  • The Last One Here
    Living Room Theater. New Plays Incubator. 2016/11.
  • Slices
    The Secret Theatre. LIC One Act Festival. 2016/11.
  • Filter
    Manhattan Repertory Theater. The August Event. 2016/8.
  • Traveling Piece: a Play Installation
    HATCH Series No.4. Invented Traditions. 2016/8.
  • Remains
    The Dirty Blondes. Play-in-a-Day Festival. 2016/7.
  • Things You Cannot Have
    Manhattan Repertory Theater. 10-minute Play Contest Semi-Finalist. 2016/7.
    HB Studio. First Floor Residency. 2016/4.
    Dark Matter Productions. Hearts on the Wall. 2016/8.

Identities in Transition

Three (older) portfolios summarize my education and experiences as a cartographer, aspiring architect, and technologist.

Inklings of a Practice

I created some projects independent of any specific frameworks. I'm thankful for this period of blind productivity.