Dear Visitor,

The protagonist of the video is Jue — with a pronounciation between Joe and Yue, aptly suggested by your phone's autocorrect. She also writes you this web note and realizes the confusion of the third-person pronoun. So.

I am a writer and filmmaker. I say this because I write and make films. I have done other things in the past, and have recorded some of them in my curriculum vitae (from Latin, "course of life"). I have traveled and moved around quite a bit: at times by choice, at times not. Right now I reside in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The site will be brief for now, as I am focusing on two projects: a memoir and a documentary film. To get a sense of my work, you might find this (albeit slightly outdated) portfolio useful. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, please write to[at] — thank you.

Yours Truly