Index Dot Html
Dec 2018

index.html is the first encounter to a website. It is also called the landing page. When I think about it: you do make a landing from the World Wide Web, just like Columbus and the aliens. You arrive not knowing, or knowing too much.

Before April 2016, the page was a stylized blog with posts from what is now in thoughts. Over the past two and a half years, it has changed as I become more clear about who I am.


You are about to get to know Jue Yang, a playwright who made this website and lived other lives. Below are some of my plays. I am in the process of finding ways to share plays on the internet without compromising copyrights. Until then, feel free to ask me for a script sample and read my thoughts from time to time.

Jue Yang is a playwright with tech tendencies.

Jue Yang is a playwright.


I like words and space. I guess you can call me one of the following based on your preferred framework: text-based artist, trans-media writer, writer for performance, playwright.

Perpetual intrigues: the death of the artist, experiential knowledge, (personal) truth.


I am intrigued by: emergence, empathy, expedition, language, meditation, memory, ontology, time, truth.

The artist has two duties: one to herself, the other to her audience. She must be true to herself, digging within herself to arrive at the truth as she sees it. But she must also communicate that truth to the audience. — Stuart Spencer, The Playwright’s Guidebook

I chased light in the frosty air recently. Read The Fabric of The Cosmos. Sketched stones, watched an earthworm swim and salvaged a tale from the desert. Dreamed of a friend who turned into a legless bird.