I was once fascinated by the ocean

I learned about the anatomy of a website through this project, first built two years ago. I recently revisited it with some updates. It still carries the memories of the salty wind.

I was trying out composite operations in TileMill when it was first released. I’m glad this map has withstood the test of time.

and the land

While working on a project visualizing foreclosure data for Illinois, I poked around the open data portal of Chicago and found the city building footprints. The map is inspired by Portland Oregon: The Age of a City.

Would you bike up a mountain? In 2011, after designing and conducting a transportation survey, I asked this question to my fellow students at a GIS poster show. It became clear through the analysis that a bikeshare program needed more than just flat land.

the lines

Sketches, drawings and models from my architecture thesis in 2011

and the shapes

Graphics for developmentseed.org blog posts

I have plunged into the sea of data, discovered new patterns

My first web dev project in Javascript and D3.js visualizes the impact of Obamacare, built for Kaiser Family Foundation. I have learned through this effort that, to make complex interactions, it does not suffice to speak only a few words of the language of the web. The syntax of a site is just as intricate as that of a building.

I started working on the open data portal for the United Nations Developement Program by adding features, such as viewing all projects specific to a country. I have subsequently redesigned the UI for better information hierarchy and edited part of its codebase with better defined models and views.

and created systems

I created LearnOSM.org to help the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team build a central hub where information is more easily accessed. Before the site came about on GitHub, all HOT guides and workshop materials were nested in Google Docs.

I built the site for banished productions, an avant pop theater compapny based in DC. Besides the UI, I created a Prose.io + Jekyll workflow for the banished crew so that they can maintain and add to the gh-pages site themselves.

I am constantly learning to see
and to express through order