Two Conversations
Jun 10 2020


How long ago was that?

Three, four years ago.

You look different now.

That’s why I take photos all the time.

Why? To remember?


But each time you take a photo with your phone, you are just outsourcing your memory.


Thanks for showing me the VR. I actually cried when I saw the Northern Light out of the window.

I wanted to show you all these possiblities and the inpirations…

I did see a good VR film once. It was inside a gothic church. You see the ghost of an opera singer. At some point a moon — really, a huge moon loomed over me and I felt it in my body.

When I think of inspiration I think of — when you have a phone call in the future, the person can just sit next to you in VR. You feel close the other person, and it feels real.

Would you go back to that virtual room and sit next to the stranger?

The one who friended me? No, too creepy… Have you watched this episode of Black Mirror? Two guys were supposed to fight in a game, but they ended up making out in that game.

Are you afraid that would happen to you?

…I don’t want to go there.

The experience I had with the VR film made me realize that VR film is an individual thing. You have to make a reservation, and they help you put on your headset and headphones. The cinema is different. The cinema is a space for many people at the same time.

That’s true. I am the only one with a VR set. If my friends don’t have one, I would not have anyone to call or sit next to. Then it’s just me in my living room… How about the drawing your own boundaries in the setup, though? That was pretty cool, right?